How to download videos from YouTube to your phone and computer

To download your favorite videos from YouTube there are a lot of useful programs, extensions and sites.
The YouTube video service is known to everyone. There are thousands of videos of various subjects that can be added to playlists and watched at any time.

But sometimes there’s no internet, and sometimes the videos are deleted. So the question arises – how to download how to download videos from YouTube to your computer, Android smartphone and so on. Let’s talk about it seriously.

How to download videos from YouTube to your computer using online services
The easiest way is to use the Savefrom service. It allows you to save the video on your PC either through a form or by adding ss to the video address before youtube. The address of any video you want to download from Youtube must look like… Press Enter and we get the result.

The same thing works with Mos Catalogue service. We need to add mos to the link to the video.

Instead of the standard address, it should be

It also works with links inserted into the search field.

On 220 YouTube you can only insert a link to video in the text field and get a link to download video from YouTube. All these services also work on your smartphone.

How to download videos from YouTube to your computer using programs
You will need 4K Video Downloader. Application available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. After downloading and installing, you need to copy the link to the video from your browser, click on “Insert Url”, select the quality and click “Download”, then wait for the download.

You can use Download Master. It allows you to download both individual videos and playlists.

How to download videos from YouTube on Android and iOS
For mobile solutions have their own applications. You can use Peggo on Google OS. You can also download videos on the site itself using the online form.

How to download video and audio from YouTube using programs and in your browser in high qualityAfter starting the application, you need to insert the video address into a special field or send it through the “Share” menu. Then you need to select whether to download only the sound, sound and video and in what quality. You can download several files at the same time.

Another Android app is Videoder. The program is available on Google Play and is free, although it has ads. Functionally everything is traditional – you can choose only the sound or video and the quality.

Under iOS there is a similar program Video Downloader Browser. Functionally and externally, the program is similar to the Android solution, so there should be no problems.

At the same time, note that Apple is very happy to remove such applications from the App Store, so be surprised if you can not find a program that was installed only yesterday.