How to download video from YouTube to any device

Thank God, mankind invented the Internet (where would we all be if it wasn’t a pleasant fact?), and, of course, video content, for which YouTube has become the basis, has gained great popularity. It is visited by millions of people every day, and many of them earn real money here.

Sometimes it may be necessary to download videos from YouTube. After all, a video may at some point simply delete or restrict access to it. Or due to various circumstances, you may have limited access to the Internet for a while. There may be many reasons for this, but the question of how to download from YouTube video is really relevant. Now we will consider some ways to do it, and you can choose the most convenient one for yourself.

How to download videos from YouTube through online services
It’s the quickest and easiest way. There are really many such services in the network, all of them are like each other. We will consider the popular and time-tested service

You open the necessary video on YouTube resource.
In the address bar before the word youtube you should enter two characters – ss. Thus, the beginning of the line looks like this -http://www.ssyoutube.
youtube download
Then press Enter, after that there is an automatic redirection to the site, and the link to the video itself is in the necessary field.
how to download the video from youtube
Next, we select the optimal quality and format, and confirm the download. Video will immediately begin to download to your PC.
This is how Youtube video upload services function. For example, if you write magic before the word youtube, you will get to service. If you enter vd, you will get to VDYouTube.

However, these are not all services to solve our problem, you can also use different alternative portals, and then choose the most suitable for you. Here are some of them: Videograbby, KeepVid, ClipConverter, Getvideo, Tubedld, Getvideolink.

Some of them have additional options and features, it can be downloading video in high quality FullHD or 4K. However, all these services work almost identically:

copy the clip’s url address;
paste it into the right field on the portal;
select the options for the video you want to upload.
How to download video from YouTube using desktop programs
The YouTube 4K Video Downloader is a more nuanced alternative for browser extensions and can be installed on Mac, Windows and Ubuntu operating systems. In the program, users get much more features than in browser versions for downloading, namely:

Playlists and channels can be downloaded.
The possibilities for downloading subtitles are expanded.
Permission is given to download embedded videos from YouTube on other portals. You just need to copy and paste the link, the application will find the source itself.
It is possible to upload videos in 1080p, 4K and 3D quality.
ClipGrab is an ideal choice for those who prefer multifunctional applications. It has a built-in YouTube search, advanced settings, upload control, link recognition. The program is very simple and reliable, but unfortunately it does not download playlists.

Softorino YT Converter for Mac is a simple application designed for those who don’t like to mess with programs for too long. You can determine the quality and download only video, the main feature is that the video download is very simple and fast, just a few clicks. Then it can be downloaded immediately in the program to the “apple” gadget.

How to download a video clip from YouTube via browser extension
You can even insert a key to upload video to the site interface. To do this, download the browser extension, it is used in browsers Yandex.Browser, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Chromium, Safari.

Similar browser extension is FastestTube, it can be downloaded for all common browsers, also for Safari. Although Google prohibits the placement of download extensions in its browsers, there is one thing – vGetExtension.

ClickToPlugin is a browser extension for Safari, but its main purpose is not to download, but to improve energy efficiency, which prevents the playback of videos on pages, it also replaces with html5 flash player. Just open the context menu when you click on the video and select Save As. The Automator service is also available for the Safari browser, but it’s primarily designed for advanced users, as you need to enter commands in the program.

How to download a video from YouTube to iPhone
Workflow is a utility that automates routine activities so that different tasks are performed automatically, this list also includes downloading videos from YouTube. This is done very simply by the system extension, which is activated with the Share button.