A working way how to download video from the site

It is not always possible or willing to watch videos online. And in order to watch it, you need to save it first. In this article I will describe a working way of downloading video from sites that I use personally, and at the end you will find a detailed video lesson.

I do not watch on the Internet training videos lasting more than 5 minutes. First I download them and then watch them in the universal player in accelerated to 1.5-2x mode, because this way you spend much less time.

And sometimes the video just glitches, slows down or hangs up when you rewind. The trouble is that almost nowhere there is a “Download” button, so you have to look for different ways to do it.

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How to download video from the site
Updated: Changes for Google Chrome!
A few more words about video downloads
How to download video from the site
Fortunately for all of us there are good people who have made the super service SaveFrom.net, which can download videos from most popular resources such as YouTube, RuTube, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and many others. It used to be badly downloaded from Vimeo, but now I don’t see any problems with it either. The most remarkable thing is that you don’t have to install any programs.

The principle of operation is simple:

  1. We copy the link where the video is played to the clipboard.

Copying a link to a video

  1. Insert a link in the input field, click “Download” and get direct links to the video file.
  2. Download the video file in the usual way with the right mouse button.

How to download video with savefrom.net

Direct links to video are in different formats, which are different for different videos: MP4, FLV, WebM, 3GP. And in different quality (number of lines in video frame): 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and others. FLV files weigh 1.5 times more than other formats, so I recommend choosing MP4 or WebM.

Quality: the bigger the digit, the better the quality and therefore the bigger the file size, i.e. the download will take longer. If there is no fine text in the video and the quality is not critical, then choose 360p or 480p.

But this is not what I like about SaveFrom.net, but the fact that it has extensions and plug-ins for browsers Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex.Browser and Safari. After installing the extension for your browser on sites bluntly appears button “Download”. So there is nothing else to do!

Install extensions from this page http://ru.savefrom.net/user.php. You can do this manually for each browser as described on the site, or download a proprietary utility that will install them itself for all found browsers – I recommend this method.

To do this, click on the “Download” button.

Then run the file “SaveFromNetHelper-Web-Inst.exe” and follow the installation wizard. I recommend not to install anything but browser plug-ins, so leave only these checkboxes:

Installing extensions in browsers

And yes, we’ll have to shut down all open browsers in the process. If the installation is successful, new icons will appear in browsers, for example in Google Chrome it looks like this:

The extension button in Google Chrome

You can right click on the icon and select “Hide button” and then it will not interfere with the panel, but the extension will still work.

After that we open some site with video and voila:

Download video on YouTube button

This is what the Download button in YouTube looks like. Click on the button and the selection of file formats will open. Select the one you need and save it.

And here’s how it works in Odnoklassniki:

The button in Odnoklassniki

and here’s another screenshot of how to download video from VKontakte:

Download button for video in contact

And of course all this is absolutely free, without registration and without advertising!

Updated: Changes for Google Chrome!
Google is struggling in every way with those who swing from YouTube and the assistant SaveFrom.net is blocked for use in Chrome. The site offers an alternative installation instruction. Please note the other ways.

A few more words about downloading the video.
I’ve already told you about Freemake Video Downloader for downloading from VKontakte before, which also works well. But unlike SaveFrom.Net, it doesn’t know how to add the “Download” button to websites, it runs for a long time and is not always friendly with Vimeo. But with its help, you can immediately convert to the desired format, for example, for your phone, or download only the audio track.

We also don’t forget about the possibility to get the video from the browser cache. This will be useful if the site from which you want to save the video, nothing is supported. In this case, the video is viewed by FULL in the browser, i.e. from beginning to end, and then the file is pulled out of the cache.

But it also happens that it doesn’t help if, for example, there is a live broadcast. Then only make a screencast, i.e. record video from the screen live. This can be done with a mass of programs, such as FastStone Capture or Camtasia Studio.

Conclusions .
So, in this article I showed you a universal way to download videos from any site. It’s really very easy and absolute.